Best practice tips for inventory labeling

August 16, 2022

During the digital inventory process, establish consistent guidelines for applying labels. When applying labels to inventory items, focus on safe,..

How Companies can start into Circular Economy

August 3, 2022

According to Global Footprint Network in 2022, humanity, in principle, would need 1.75 Earths to fulfill the current demand for raw materials and..

Digital Tool Management with seventhings - simple without the paperwork

July 13, 2022

Flexibly manage all tools at any time Good tools are half the work. To help successful companies in the skilled trades ensure continuous quality,..

7 things you should keep in mind for New Work

May 31, 2022

The Corona pandemic has almost tripled the number of employees working from home. Whereas before the pandemic the figure was 25%, 64% of employees..

8 Types of Barcodes & How You Can Use Them to Inventory

May 31, 2022

A barcode ... what is it and how does it work? Most people think of the barcode that is scanned at the supermarket checkout and then put in the..

New Work at seventhings: setting new standards in collaboration & work

May 31, 2022

You think "working from the beach" is just a phrase? Traveling the world while working - being independent of time and location and still getting..