University of Bern

"seventhings is not just a software, it's a solution."

-Guido Suter, COO of University of Bern


Company: University of Bern

Branch: Healthcare

Location: Bern, Switzerland


Quick and easy processes are especially important in medicine. After all, every second counts! To conduct scientific research and diagnostics as efficiently as possible, all areas of an institute must work together well. A simple, organized inventory management system is a vital part of that. The Institute of Pathology at Bern University was faced with this exact challenge: How does one improve inventory management? The old Excel tables that have been around since 1996 were just too disorganized and out of date. A newer, better solution was needed.

Microscopes (laboratory equipment)  


To be as efficient as possible, all departments of a medical facility have to work together like a well oiled machine - the pathology institute at Bern University is no different. Therefore, their primary concerns for their new systems were:

  • Instituting a software as a broad, overarching asset and administration tool
  • Reworking internal processes
  • Quick software implementation within a month
  • Provision of scanners, printers, and labels (QR-Code)
  • Execution of the initial inventory process
  • Inventory process of no more than 3 weeks

The challenge

To digitize all internal process and keep a detailed overview of all the institutes assets, they needed a software that could eliminate unnecessary hassles. The largest challenge hereby, was uniting all the different departments demands (IT, logistics, research, etc.) in one, simple solution.

The solution

Together with Bern University, seventhings developed a specification sheet and hosted a workshop to analyze internal processes and assess every single need of each department. From the data they gathered there, seventhings developed a seventhings software that was custom-tailored to the Institute of Pathology. A project schedule was designed, and all team members were instructed on how to handle sensitive medical information. After being trained to use the software, the team was supposed to do the first inventory cataloguing of 1,343 assets over the time span of three weeks, by using scanners, printers and digital labels provided by seventhings. However, during cataloguing the team discovered ca. 1,100 additional assets that had been lost to the system in the Excel tables. So instead, the team catalogued ca. 2,400 assets, almost double the amount originally planned!

The implementation of the seventhings software brought about a streamlined process of cataloguing assets at the Institute of Pathology at Bern University, while simultaneously updating the current inventory catalogue. The additional assets which were discovered during the project are now available to be used and future inventory management is easier, eliminating the possibility of such a large sum of assets going missing during the inventory cataloguing process. By using an external team of experts for such a large project, Bern University was able to see the project be completed quickly and efficiently while saving internal resources for day to day business. A good tool for inventory management is vital to any business, but especially in the medical field, where every second counts, having an exact overview of the resources available is of the utmost importance.


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