Nestlé Wagner Pizza

Project: Nestlé Wagner Pizza
Industry: Food industry
ERP tool: SAP

Nestlé Wagner Pizza is one of the largest frozen pizza producers in Europe, making wonderfully delicious pizzas you can make from the comfort of your own home. They implemented a digital inventory manager to save costs and make their daily processes more efficient. Delicious food needs organization too!



  • Implementing a digital inventory management software
  • Optimization of the inventory process in accordance with Nestlé headquarters
  • Provision of necessary hardware and labels


After extensive consultation for labels appropriate for the health codes in the food industry, Nestlé Wagner Pizza decided to implement the seventhings software with an automated interface to SAP. For the initial inventory process, seventhings provided all the necessary hardware, such as scanners, and any and all labels used. All items, including furniture, IT-items and machines that were already recorded in SAP are now managed in seventhings. Thanks to their new digital asset management tools, Nestlé Wagner Pizza is able to save valuable time and effort that they can devote to more important things - like making delicious pizza!


Why implement a digital asset management system?

It's simple: Digital systems are more important than ever in today's market, and that includes system optimization within a company! The question: "My god, who took the projector this time?!" should be an easy question to answer. And it can be! Now, you can instantly find out where anything in your office is, with just a few clicks on your phone! To find out how a software could look like in your company, click the button, scroll down and download our inventory guide today - completely for free!

Inventory guide (PDF)



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