Berlin Metropolitan School

The Success Story of a digital inventory process in only seven days


Company: Berlin Metropolitan School

Branch: Education

Location: Berlin, Germany


980 students, 50 nationalities, 200 employees and 7000 assets. The Berlin Metropolitan School is the oldest and largest International School, located in the heart of Berlin. For decades, the school has molded the minds of countless children and young adults, encouraging them to find their passion and realize their potential. Their motto is, “inspire each other – grow together.”

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Their criteria for an inventory management system were

  • Flexible, adjustable software
  • Ability to adjust informational fields and interfaces
  • Separate management of each subsidiary within the software

And the kicker: The initial inventory process could take no more than a week!


The challenge

The initiator of this project was the Commercial Coordination Germany, which needed an inventory software that could connect all their different subsidiary companies – including the Berlin Metropolitan School. Due to the different natures of their subsidiaries, they needed a flexible solution which would be able to be adjusted to the needs of each different subsidiary.

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The solution

Before digitizing all of Commercial Coordination Germany, Berlin Metropolitan School was chosen as a pilot project for seventhings software solution. The goal was to digitize the complete inventory within one week. Both the school administration and Commercial Coordination Germany weighed in with their specific needs. These included very specific required data of furniture, such as their item number and size, as well as being able to easily identify on-site assets in their ERP system. Additionally, all items to be inventoried were preliminarily counted, to ensure a smooth on-boarding. This rendered 7,000 assets that needed digitizing within the time of one week.  

Based on all the information gathered, seventhings developed a detailed plan on how to complete the project as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Four specialized team members were sent to the school with all the necessary tools to conduct their tasks. These experts successfully digitized all 7,000 assets two days before the deadline, making sure all the criteria that had been agreed upon beforehand were met.

Berlin Metropolitan School’s new inventory system allows them and their parent company to easily access all information they may need. It connects their on-site assets to their existing ERP system, allowing a smoother, more time-efficient planning process. This school is the perfect example of how beneficial a digital management system is – to any industrial sector.

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Would you like to get some more detailed information on the digital inventory process? Click the button, scroll down, and download your free inventory guide today!

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