Company: T-Systems Multimedia Solutions
Branche: IT

Location: Dresden


The success story of the successful inventory management system seventhings with an interface to SAP.

As one of the world’s largest IT service providers, T-Systems has stood for digital innovation for almost 25 years. T-Systems Multimedia Solutions is one of the largest subsidiaries T-Systems International GmbH. With around 2,100 locations in Germany, they offer large corporations and medium-sized companies the tools for they need for their digital transformation. As an ever-growing company in an industry that is constantly changing, they were looking for an innovative asset inventory system and they chose seventhings. The success story of the T-Systems MMS is a prime example of how digital asset management systems can be successfully implemented in the IT industry.


Key Facts

Like every company, T-Systems had very individual requirements for its asset management system. The main criteria to which it needed to be tailored to:

  • 20,000 fixed assets at 7 locations
  • Interface to SAP R/3
  • Connection of automated query of IT inventories
  • Implementation of the asset management software
  • Support for the initial identification and acceptance of capital goods


The challenge

Due to the constant growth of T-Systems and the resulting need for an inventory solution with an automated interface to the existing SAP system, T-Systems decided to introduce seventhings asset management system.

Furthermore, all fixed assets had to be inputted by external support and needed to be able to be used to carry out subsequent inventories.


The solution

As a specialist for the digitization of asset inventory / inventory management with our enterprise solution, we offer a 360° all-round service. seventhings asset management system supports the T-Systems MMS with the necessary inventory and minimizes the total time required by more than 75%, with an existing interface to SAP R/3.

For the systematic implementation of the inventory, we supported the initial identification and coordination of all assets. With our experience in the enterprise environment, the introduction and connection to SAP was quick. With the help of mobile data acquisition, the inventory process was designed efficiently and audit-proof.

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What does an optimal inventory process look like?

We want to help you with your next inventory and/or plant inventory and prepare you perfectly no matter which software you choose. You will learn how to easily and easily manage your inventories, IT assets, facility items, etc.



Inventory guide (PDF)



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