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Company: Social Match

Industry: Marketing

Locations: Cologne, Berlin, Münster

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The company Social Match supports well-known brands and influencers in jointly developing content and strategies that inspire users and set new trends. With their expertise in social media, they help companies get the most out of their brand and online presence. They enable constantly growing Follower numbers for any company page.

The rapidly growing industry caused the company to grow just as fast. With over 90 employees and three locations, it became increasingly difficult to keep track of the company's assets - a solution was needed!

The key facts about Social Match:

  • The company, with locations in Cologne, Berlin, and Münster has achieved strong growth in recent years.
  • The market in the area of social media marketing is growing increasingly.
  • Founded in 2016 - 40 people were employed at the end of 2020 - by 2022 the number of employees had risen to over 100.
  • In the meantime, more than 350 inventories have already been recorded - and that number increases daily!

The challenges and desires

Due to the different locations, the increasing number of employees and thus also the increasing number of articles, one thing in particular was required - overview!

And this is exactly what digital asset tracking software makes possible because you use a system in which items are recorded at all times. All information is documented and stored in one place. The result is a structured overview of all the company's items in one single solution. By using a digital tool, you not only avoid the time-consuming paperwork but also create key advantages for yourself & your company.

All in all, Social Match was looking for software that was as simple, clear and, above all, as customizable as possible. Another requirement was the ability to check the condition of individual devices.

The solution 

Using seventhings, Social Match implemented a software that fulfils their wishes and enables the company to pursue their daily business with full focus. This allows the company to continue to grow without having to worry about organising their assets.

The main advantages that have resulted for the team: 

  • Real-Time Overview: Instead of constantly asking for information, the team now knows immediately where which item is and who is currently using it. 
  • Cross-Location Use: Through a digital tool, those responsible have an overview of all items - regardless of their location.
  • Customisable System: Good software adapts to your everyday life - not the other way around. Thanks to customisable fields, the inventory manager is easy to use and working with Excel spreadsheets is no longer necessary.

After testing the free trial, it became clear that the features and requirements desired by the company are well covered by the seventhings software. 

With the seventhings solution, items can be easily stored in the software. In the process, a lot of time could already be saved through data collection via mobile phone, QR codes and the software. Just tag it and scan it!

The team was quickly convinced by the self-explanatory software, which is easy and intuitive to manage. Especially the simple adjustment of individual fields showed how easy asset management can be.

Through the function of assigning a status to items, items could be found and checked with the help of the filter. This makes asset management easy.  And thanks to the seventhings Playlist on Spotify , Social Match has fun with tracking assets too!


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