Össur Deutschland GmbH

Using the asset manager in medical technology

Össur Deutschland GmbH focuses on improving people´s physical mobility. Not about locomotion by means of motor vehicles, scooters, or the like, Össur specializes in enabling people with injuries or limitations to walk again without loss in their quality of life. Thanks to decades of experience, Össur GmbH is a trustworthy and competent company that offers both advisory and service assistance, helping people to participate more in life once again.


Company: Össur Deutschland GmbH

Industry: Medical technology

Location: Germany


The Key Facts

Founded in 1971

5000+ employees 

Inventory: Furniture & Machinery 

Inventory count: 500

man with prosthetic leg

Challenges and wishes

Previously, Össur Deutschland GmbH, like many other companies, had worked with Excel lists, which meant that the inventory overview was lacking or quickly lost. Due to a big move, the company purchased a lot of new furniture and wanted to implement a digital inventory management system right from the start to solve the Excel problem. In the process, all items should be recorded and labeled to enable faster, more efficient, and error-free inventories in the future. 

Since the company has several locations for different business areas distributed throughout Europe, the internal exchange of knowledge, for example, with regard to accounting, was becoming increasingly difficult. The aim of introducing the digital software was both to improve internal processes and to clearly identify the items at the different locations in order to get a better overview of the inventory. 

When choosing the software, it was also important that the initial inventory could be carried out quickly and easily and did not require a long training phase.

The Solution

With the integration of the seventhings Asset Manager, the confusing and unreliable Excel lists were replaced with digitalized item information facilitating intuitive asset management. Due to the clearly structured user interface of the seventhings software, items can be viewed, scanned, and modified regardless of location. In combination with the easy handling of the system, it was possible to immediately start the digital transformation.

The move also posed no problem in terms of introducing new equipment. New items were labeled and created in the software. With the function to attach pictures, information or entire files, items could be entered with a lot of supporting information, which previously required a significant amount of extra work. In the process, the inventory process ran faster than ever before.


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