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The Genossenschaft Migros Aare is an integral part of Switzerland. With numerous malls, supermarkets, specialty stores, and much more, they employ more than 100.000 people. Outside of this, they are engaged in the community, in culture, education and leisure activities, such as the Klubschule Migros, that offered a total of 53.023 classes in 2018. The Welle 7 in Bern is an innovative Hub that supports business, shops and meetings in uniting their interests.

inventory process 


Project: Genossenschaft Migros Aare & Welle 7 in Bern

Branch: Services

Location: Bern & Schoenbuehl / Switzerland



  • Implementation of RFID labels
  • Easy administration of inventory via smartphones and RFID
  • Simple overview of all assets
  • Support during the implementation processes

The challenge

2017 we successfully rolled out the Welle 7 project which served as a pilot project for the implementation of seventhings at the Migros Aare headquarters in Schönbühl/Switzerland. The primary goal the overall optimization of their inventory management, from adding new items, monitoring and disposal. After a successful pilot project, the company decided to implement a digital asset manager in their headquarters in Schöhnbühl. To ensure a quick and smooth on-boarding process, seventhings initiated a follow-up workshop with Migros Aare. In the head offices, everything was given a so-called "digital twin" in the software, using RFID labels and QR codes, which contained any important information about the object, such as the location, owner, warrenty and much more. 

By making the entire digital inventory process transparent, seventhings now enables Migros Aare to track items, monitor suppliers, check the quality of items, and keep track of repairs and expenses. Everything can be easily “checked in and out” in seventhings, meaning that new items are easily added, modified or removed, allowing for a simple and smart overview.

inventory processWith the help of the inventory management software from seventhings, Migros Aare now has a smart and efficient inventory process, that is revision-safe and highly adaptable to the digital challenges of the 21st century.


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Inventory guide (PDF)



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