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The clean software solution for asset management, which makes Excel lists look old

Ben was founded by EnBW AG and Bridgemaker and, as an enabler for New Mobility, offers numerous services in the area of maintenance and care of means of transport. With the help of digitalised and automated processes and interfaces, more flexibility and savings in time and money are made possible. In short: Ben is "the infrastructure provider for the mobility of the future".
However, with increasing locations and staff, it becomes more and more difficult to keep track of all the items - a solution is needed.


company: Ben Fleet Services 

branch: Fleet maintenance services

locations: 10x Germany, 1x Austria, 1x Netherlands


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The key facts about Ben:

  • The company with several locations in Germany, Austria & the Netherlands is growing strongly
  • Founded in 2019 by EnBW AG and Bridgemaker
  • Ben employs approx. 100 people as of 2022 
  • In the meantime, over 300 inventories have been recorded - and the trend is rising!

The challenges & wishes

For Ben Fleet Services, it was important to find a solution that could record objects regardless of location. The product should have a simple and intuitive application with few gimmicks, but helpful functions and features as well as a clear presentation, because mapping the numerous locations and devices via Excel is too complex and time-consuming.

In addition, the overview should be kept in times of home office and remote work, because besides the many locations, flexible working also offers many challenges that can be solved with smart device management.

Above all, a clear and easy-to-understand structure of the software, which does not require a long familiarisation process, was important to Ben Fleet, because: "Tools that are too complicated are not used". A friendly service for open questions should not be missing either.

The solution

With the help of the software, all items can now be flexibly recorded and displayed in an overview, regardless of their location. This was particularly important due to the numerous locations. 

Thanks to the minimalist and intuitive design of the software and the instructional videos provided, the setup of seventhings Inventory Manager was done quickly and Ben Fleet could start immediately. The colour system, which makes it clear at a glance what condition each asset is in, is also one of my favourite features for managing items efficiently.

The app can be used to monitor when and where a new item is needed because the old one is broken or is currently with other colleagues. To make the documentation as simple as possible, no large equipment is needed, only the mobile phone and the asset that has been tagged. Through the filter options, it is now possible to quickly find out where which device is currently located, who is currently using it and in what condition it is. Thus, the individually customisable fields and the possibility to directly assign the inventory to the employees make seventhings the optimal inventory manager for Ben Fleet Services. 

A piece of advice from Ben for all those who are newly introducing the seventhings software: "Just start with the inventory! Long headaches about structuring are superfluous, as changes can also be easily made afterwards".

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