With Nature Love, Feel Natural and natural elements, Natsana unites three of Germany's currently most successful and fastest-growing brands in the booming area of food supplements of natural origin under one roof.

Growing strongly as a start-up and still keeping an overview? No problem with a digitized asset management software.


Company: Natsana GmbH

Branch: Food, Food Supplements

Location: Monheim am Rhein


Natsana GmbH wants to turn the world of nutritional supplements completely upside down. They rely on high-quality raw materials from mother nature and want to offer people healthier and better alternatives to conventional supplements. The german company holds three brands that support people´s health in everyday life in the best possible way. They are particularly well tolerated by the human body due to their naturalness and without the use of chemical additives. The team spirit is an important anchor of the company. Despite or precisely because of the rapid growth, the support for each other and the conviction for the products are an important part of the company values.


The key facts about Nasana

  • The company is experiencing strong growth in the number of employees.
  • Coming from 14 employees at the time of the merger of the three brands in 2020, 25 people were already employed at the start of 2021. At the beginning of 2022, the number of employees has risen to almost 100.
  • The market for natural food supplements is developing very positively. Especially the topics of sustainability and conscious lifestyle are strong purchasing factors that can enable the group to achieve further corporate growth.
  • In the meantime, 450 items have already been recorded - and the trend is rising!

The challenge

The positive growth rates bring with them the need for good structures and a concrete need for a simple, quick overview of newly purchased items or items already in the company. This overview should be less static, but rather a flexible tool that is intuitive to use and where data can be checked and revised quickly and easily - preferably with a photo of the inventory item. It should also be simple to share and use items across locations as digitally and quickly as possible.

The solution

With the seventhings Software, Natsana GmbH has found an asset management system that fits: it supports the flexibility of the young, dynamic company, which is growing rapidly, but at the same time contains the necessary structure and clarity to always have an optimal overview of all things at natsana.

The possibility of creating individual fields, assigning assets directly to employees and being able to manage all items in the most flexible way, even at several locations. All that makes seventhings the perfect partner. The mobile data entry and maintenance, extensive filter functions and clarity make asset management much easier and are a great benefit.

With the seventhings solution, Natsana GmbH always maintains an optimal overview of all items, even with strong growth and many new employees. This enables them to fully concentrate on perfectly equipping and training new employees. Good luck!



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