DISCO Hi-Tec Europe

„I don't know what would I have done without seventhings“

-A. Ammann, Accounting at DISCO Hi-Tec Europe


Company: DISCO Hi-Tec Europe
Field: Semiconductor industry
Location: Kirchheim near Munich


Dicing-Grinding Service at DISCO EUROPE offers dicing, grinding and polishing tasks as a supply chain partner in the semiconductor industry. This includes application support and improvement, prototype development or mass manufacturing. DISCO precision tools are found outside their production plant in Kirchheim near Munich, for example in the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Technology.

seventhings Inventory Software in use at Disco Hi-Tec Europe 


  • approx 2500 assets in the asset accounting system from Varial / Infor 
  • Support with the first inventory in Kirchheim b. München 
  • Launch of seventhings software as the asset accounting system 
  • Collection of additional relevant data, such as photos 
  • Disbandment of all compound items and data consolidation 
  • Revision of the inventory after 2,5 weeks 

The Project

In preparation for the inventory process, three project workshop days were designed. The goal of these was the definition of the current status of assets, the finetuning of hard- and software interfaces, and checking data consolidation in the inventory management systems. The results of this workshop were the disbandment of all relevant compound data, the specification of all data including write-offs, and the definition of a streamlined inventory and labelling process. Two weeks later, the initial inventory process started. During this process, all relevant office assets not already documented in the ERP system were catalogued in the new seventings system. This allowed the inventory team a clear overview of all available assets in the office spaces. In addition to the office spaces, more sensitive workspaces such as the cleanroom were thoroughly documented as well. This cataloguing followed the same procedure as above, with additional training on the correct way to handle sensitive objects for the inventory team.


With the help of the seventhings digital asset management tool, DISCO Hi-Tec Europe was able to get a clear and concise overview of all their assets for the first time as well as simplify any future asset management.

Why implement a digital asset management system?

It's simple: Digital systems are more important than ever in today's market, and that includes system optimization within a company! The question: "My god, who took the projector this time?!" should be an easy question to answer. And it can be! Now, you can instantly find out where anything in your office is, with just a few clicks on your phone! Try out our solution for digital asset management.

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